The FundamentalsofLife :LBQTA

Hello. My name is Amber and I am gay. ( specifically: lesbian)

To start off this blog journey through the fundamentals of life I wanted to begin with the big topic. The LBQTA community. Being a lesbian in a small state that does its best to support everyone is a wonderful feeling. I was always afraid that coming out and being the person I wanted to be, and loving who I wanted would lead to so much backlash and hatred. I was welcomed, however, with open, supportive, and most of all loving arms.

Being lesbian and coming out about 3 years now, I have become more aware of the LBQT community in my state. From drag nights downtown , to gay pride , to clubs dedicated and support to the LBQTA community I had surrounded myself around the atmosphere that had become my life , in which I love. I felt so free to express myself and my love and I finally felt okay. I didn’t feel guilty or ashamed. I felt , finally, that I was at home.


Time for the fundamentals of this post . My main reasoning for bringing such a personal subject up is due to that fact that I am one of the few lucky ones who can openly come out and feel comfortable and at home in my own skin. However, having a large friend base in the TRANS community, I have become aware of several things.

  1. BODY DYSMORPHIA IS REAL AND VERY SERIOUS! Many trans people suffer from body dysmorphia, which is the disorder of the imaging of one’s body.  Since TRANS surgeries are so expensive, many go uncomfortable in their own skin because they do not feel like their true selves. This then leads to many other spiraling disorders, from depression to anxiety. This alone can take a toll on a person, and adding unwanted stressors of life in general on top of it is HUGE.
  2. NOT ALL TRANS CLASSIFY AS HE  OR SHE. This is a big one I have learned throughout time. Some people do prefer to classify themselves as just that – them, they, and their. With these it does become a very touchy matter because they expect you to classify them as just that. Some are understanding that it can be confusing at first, however it can be very hurtful , frustrating, and all around disrespectful to misclassify them as he or she.
  3. DRAG IS THE NEW BLACK. It does not matter if you are straight, gay, trans, lesbian, queer,non bindery, gender nonconforming or just an all around gender binary f**k. Everyone and ANYONE can do drag and in this time, it has become ever more popular. I am close friends with someone who does drag shows downtown in my area, and it is a magnificent thing to watch and experience. Not only does it bring more people involved and aware of this part of the community, but it is all around fun in general.It is a great BEAUTIFUL thing to witness. If you haven’t and are interested, I suggest you check it out! Here’s one in particular of my best friend ever that I definitely suggest if you have the time by Clicking RIGHT here
  4. The community is also very large in boosting the support. From the performances downtown, to the performances planned and put on at college’s as well as other events, and even fashion shows to support the growing entrepreneurship, growth, goals, and stability of people in it’s community, everyone puts in immaculate effort and it shows. I’d definitely like to put some credit where it is due to some locals who i I find to be PHENOMENAL ! Here are some pictures from a rather recent events (though i would love to show the WORLD all of my local lovelies in their glory ) that I want to give not only recognition, but a *virtual* round of applause for.

    Now I was not able to attend this event, however, I have a rather close best friend ( the ever so lovely Payton or  ‘crinklecut’ as he prefers via his stage name) who got to walk in this show. It was a fashion show/drag show performed downtown. It even showed off some of the lovely merch of local Christian Johnson  ( who’s merch can be found riiiiiight here CLICK ME ) . Though I wish I could have attended I know all who were in it did a FANTASTIC job.

Overall, it is such a beautiful community to be in and I honestly could not be happier and any more prouder than I am to be apart of it.!

SIDE NOTE : Since I have mentioned my ever lovely friend Payton QUITE a few times I HIGHLY suggest and would very much so appreciated if you helped my friend out with his upcoming and blooming merch line. It would not only mean a lot to me but it would mean SO very much for him in continuing on to be who he is that everyone knows and loves. Go check it out righhhht  HERE


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