It’s that time again where the thought of relocating once again comes about, mostly getting closer to the summer time. Little personal insider, I have just moved back in with my parents who have graciously taken me in to save up some money in order to achieve my dream of going to disney for the first time ( 3 more months as of today !!).

Other than living my life long dream I also was not happy with my apartment. I was ready for a change and it was just that time to start thinking of something new. My main goal was to move all the way thousands of miles away to TX. Why texas you may ask ?

Being a New Englander, the cost of living is all around EXPENSIVE. Taxes are through the roof and apartment prices seem to continue to sky-rocket. I am faced with looking into non-complex apartments to survive the crazy apartment complex prices of 900+ for a studio ( YUCK).

Besides pricing, I just so happen to live in the smallest state in New England. That’s right. I reside in the wonderful tiny little state of Rhode Island, that more often than not gets confused as either A: a part of New York ( Which is not ) or B: an actual island off the cape ( which it also, is not). I have always wanted to live in a more country like wide-opened area that wasn’t too in the boondocks, but just enough to feel less confined to one tiny place that i’ve seen millions of times in millions of ways ( literally.)

So with that said, I set up a budget plan in hopes of moving myself to TX! However, with budgeting comes planning and with planning comes, well, doubt.


Time for the fundamentals of this post!

Every experience you face in life will have its pros as well as its cons. That’s right my fellow readers, not everything is peachy keen and dandy or smooth sailing. There is a lot to take in and examine before making ANY sort of decision all the way from the big details to the little itty bitty baby ones that you may not see as important until last minute ( per usual if you are impatient and stubborn like myself).

To better map out what I truly was trying to accomplish and if maybe my dreams of being a TX gal would be placed at a later date, I made a list. Yes, a list! I mapped out all of the pro’s and con’s of my decision to want to move and what it could potentially entail. It looks as follows ( with a little bit of fancy sprucing up for blogging purposes) :


(Side note : IN reference to safe zone! I suffer from anxiety and depression, so I like to have a safe zone where I can go and just collect my composure and well being and just breathe and feel okay with the world and myself. Currently it is the beach. If you would like a blog post of such, COMMENT safe zone! )


With all of these lists, I must decide what would be the better option for me. Moving somewhere brand new with a lot of requirements and adjusting all alone in a big state where I know nobody and nobody knows me or staying in a high priced, similar, familiar, and all around boring state that I’ve lived in my entire life.

One of the biggest reasons this is my next subject of topic on fundamentalsoflife is because everyone has to face the facts. DECISIONS ARE NOT EASY. Though you would love to just go with the decision that sounds more nicer and brand new, at the end you have to go with the one that not only makes more sense to you, but leaves you in a space that is comfortable to handle for you. It may not be the decision you want, but it will end up being the better decision for you at that moment.

A nice thing about decisions however, is even if you go with the better option, you can always go back later down the line and reconsider and come up with a new decision that fits your life at that moment. Decisions always come about and life is always changing and sometimes it requires to stop and look at all your options and decide what is better for you and not being afraid to put plans on back burners for a decision you can then make later in your future of life.



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