Today marks the official start of my week on journey to weight loss! I have lost a total of 3lbs and hopeful to have more to come if I stick to herbalife and clean eating properly. I decided, what better way to follow up a previous blog post ( in reference to fundamentalsoflife: weight loss journey) by providing some PICTURES of some of my clean eating progress.


Below are some pictures of my daily intake. Everything in red is what I had gone over the daily goal of what I should have stayed in for the sub topic ( sugar, carbs, protein.) and the green is what I had remaining for the day.

To keep track of my meals and progress I use the Free app MyfitnessPAL which is a WONDERFUL app! it tells you when you hit vitamin and calcium goals and when  you have gone over an intake goal. It also tells you if you keep up the progress how much you can lose in a month’s time frame. 🙂

[Time frame since the pictures are taken all throughout different time spans is April 20th – April 26th]

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As you can see from week one, I still have my  moments where I go over, mainly in sugar intake. With these guidelines I am learning how to monitor what I am eating and be more conscious of what I am putting into my body as well as what can be considered ‘good sugars’ and what is not. I also drastically am trying to cut down my sodium intake as well as my carb intake in order to not be as bloated and sluggish. I noticed the days I had gone over in red I felt more sick to my stomach and uncomfortable than the days that I met my targets.

I am slowly getting the hang of the clean eating healthy lifestyle I am trying to persue and I am making all efforts to try to incorporate workouts and activities into my daily lifestyle. Working third shift makes things  a little complicated, mostly when I am not getting enough of sleep throughout the night due to working overtime during the mornings, but I am determined to find a schedule that works for me that I can stick with in order to be more active and happier and get myself back up and out of my house instead of sitting at home all day sleeping and going straight to work.

The nicer weather is right around the corner and if I want to see serious improvements in my look and in my health, this is the path I need to go down and find the motivation to kick start into doing it. It all takes time and effort and though off to a slow start I will reach my goals!


3lbs down – 40lbs to go.!


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