FUNDAMENTALSOFLIFE: Vegetarianism vs Veganism – The personal Struggle.

Struggling with weight and weight-loss is a BIG factor in my life. I am constantly trying to find new ways to lose weight in a healthy way. Back when I was younger, in about 2009, so early teenage years, I suffered from anorexia. I crashed my metabolism from starving myself and binge eating one meal a day in large portions do to being so hungry from going days without eating.

Since then I have packed on an overwhelming amount of weight. Now don’t get me wrong I did not rocket up to a high number and considered unhealthy to that extent, but I am classified as ‘overweight’ mostly for only being 5’2.5″. I watched from a young age my weight go from 99lbs to 115 to 126 to 130 to 140 to 160 all the way to my highest weight of 177lbs! Now I did reach a point in 2015 where i JUST hit 139lbs again which was i LOVING going into my 21st year of living, but sadly with job changes and unhealthy life patterns the weight just packed on.

In 2 years,  I have gained 38lbs. Now that may not be a lot for some, but for me it is overwhelming and EXTREMELY uncomfortable. It makes sleeping difficult, walking and being motivated or even energetic difficult and it overall makes me unhappy. So with this, I have decided to make a change!

I have been teetering between the idea of going vegetarian or vegan but I wasn’t sure and still am not sure which option I prefer. There are pros and cons to both and both have all of its different benefits.


Here are some things that caught my attention about both :


With being vegetarian it would be a very simple kind of lifestyle for me to an extent. Though i do love my chicken nuggets and steak, I have never been an avid meat eater. ever since a young age I was never fond of meat. It is just something that if i could choose to go without I would. So with vegetarianism, I could potentially cut out all meat and use meat substitutes for those meat craving days to satisfy my tummy. A good thing about vegetarianism that I found was I could still eat my cheeses and eggs, which are two of the hardest things to give up. It also makes shopping easier not having to look for full vegan based products if I were to buy snacks or prepackaged foods of any sort. ( mind you my snacking habit is my biggest issue so it doesn’t NECESSARILY help, but it does slightly.. )  With vegetarianism and the proper workout schedule once I can get myself motivated to get up and MOVE and not be a lazy potato all day because of this sleepy third life slump ( In progress of hopefully switching to day time again!)  I can potentially lose the substantial amount of weight I would like ( my goal is to lose 47-52lbs).


 With Vegan-ism, I would potentially be cutting out everything animal based. That means no dairy, no cheese, no meat, no eggs, no pretty much anything meat related. I could potentially choose between a vegan lifestyle or a ‘raw vegan’ lifestyle if I had wanted and it would definitely be a whole new lifestyle. Being a big veggie lover, I could stock up on more greens and colors and not eat as much processed foods which in turn is probably what is making me lethargic in the first place. I would be cutting out some of my favorites like ice cream and cheeses, but I could find fun alternatives to replace it with. I currently already have replaced normal cheese with vegan cheese( though i am not the biggest fan of the ‘vegan’ shredded mozzarella) and I’ve seen many substitutes to creating a ‘cheesy’ like substitute as well which I am dying to try. I can also replace ice cream with banana ice cream or ‘vegan’ pudding packets if any (replacing the milk with a vegan milk). I also cannot drink milk, so I already have tried and like the substitute vegan milks ( I have used rolling hills farm organic soy milk) which is a BIG BIG plus for me.

With all of the benefits of both, I have no successfully decided which one I personally want to try to become, but as of right now I am starting off with vegetarianism. I am edging myself into a more healthier lifestyle and I am hoping I am satisfied with my results. I may try a 30 day raw diet as an attempt to see how I like it, but as for now I am just easing my way into it all. I am also drinking more water and being more conscious of my eating habits and snacking ( I still managed to eat two bags of famous amos cookies to the face today taking it 860cal just from the cookies alone.. mind you i dip them in tea D: ) and trying to cut back on my bad eating habits.


Here is where the fundamentals of life comes in .

Not everyone will agree with the choices in life you make and it may not be the best option for you. Though it is okay to try new things and try to make your lifestyle a more healthier life, there are some key factors you need to keep in mind. With a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle you do lose out from the proteins of meat and meat products, so you have to be very wary and conscious of finding new food options that fit the lifestyle that has enough protein in it that you’re specific body is required. It is something you can definitely bring up to a doctor/nutritionist if it is something you want to make sure is suitable for you ( it is something I do not choose to do. )

Another BIG fundamental here is that it is a complete life changer. It is a new way of life and it will take a lot of patience and determination and time and willpower. It is not something that will just happen overnight. It takes 4 weeks to become a lifestyle and used to the habit and making it a ‘routine’. With a little bit of motivation and hopes of positive lifestyle if it is the path you are choosing to go down like myself, you can definitely make it happen.

With a little patience and hard work I hope I can make this into a lifestyle of mine that sticks. I am hopeful that I can make a positive impact for myself so that way I can be happy with myself and feel good about myself and not so tired and grumpy all of the time because of my lack of energy and lack of strength/motivation. I am determined and sometimes that is all that you can do is be determined and hope for the best and continue working towards what makes you happy.


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