Making decisions is literally the hardest thing in the world. I have seemed to be faced with many decisions I need to make recently. Here are just some of the major ones that have been on my mind :

-> 1. My weight-loss. I have given so much time and thought and stress into this one. I have been trying to make a decision whether or not I want to become vegetarian or vegan. I have been trying to wrap my head around it and figure out which would be better. After countless thought, I have made the decision to become vegan. It is going to be a long journey, but I already have it down for the most part. My biggest struggle now is deciding whether I want to try a 30 day low carb/no starch diet or if I wanted to continue eating my rice and potatoes and pastas just the same.

-> 2. My Job. I have since put in two applications within my current company of employment. I have been interviewed for both and continue to get interviewed for both. I am not sure yet if I will get either position, even though I hope that I do.  My decisions here tie hand and hand to my first decision because working third shift is beginning to take a toll on me and I need  a change. I am now faced with the decision of what position I am going to take if I take either and if I get neither I must wait for a shift change if I get one. If I don’t then I am faced with the decision of staying with the company that provides me a good stability or looking elsewhere for a new job all together which is NERVE RACKING.

->3. Apartment. I love living alone in my little abode. However, I pay way too much for my little one bedroom. I could find something so much cheaper if I really looked so that means I have to come to the decision of saving for a new apartment or sticking out in my apartment till i have most of my debt paid off and then look into moving out of state. I SO badly want to move down south to the FL/ KY area. I do not know when or how , but it is something I would like to do to get a change of scenery away from this little itty bitty state I live in . I now need to make the decision on when I am going to move, how much of my debt I want to get paid off before then and all of the fun stuff with moving.


With all of these decisions, my head is spinning..




here’s a little tid bit of a fundamentalsoflife for you.

Decisions are a part of life. You will be faced with having to make many decisions in life no matter how big or small. It could be as simple as deciding what you want to eat for dinner all the way to what you want to do as a career. Either way it is healthy and it is okay to make decisions and multiple in that fact.


Now if only I could get all my ducks in a row with my decisions.! *meeep*


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