fundamentalsoflife: working while sick

Here is yet another personal post for you all. I feel like I have been rearing away from my fundamental facts, but I have had a lot going on lately and have seemingly been procrastinating from blog posts.

It is currently the ending of the first full week of June. I have been sick since the 3rd. It started off just being tired with a headache and got extremely worse by Monday. I could not get out of bed I was so nausea ridden, dizzy, and just all around drained. I was finally feeling LOADS better by Wednesday, but still a little under the weather. Thursday I was PEACHY. Friday rolled around and WHAM! sinuses galore.

Given I can no longer call out of work I’ve reached my 6 ( went over by 1 ) for the rolling calendar year, I have to behave and be here on time and just present. I just have gotten clear of a write up as of June due to tardiness/absences when I had first initially started two years ago. SO HERE I AM. Suffering.

Now I may seem as though I am being over dramatic, HOWEVER, my job is very complicated when sick. Not only do I have to take calls and try to talk through my sinuses since I work at a call center, I also deal with florescent lights that KILL my eyes and make it difficult to focus. I am also a graveyard shift associate ( 3rd shift life in other words), so I am physically drained. Working such late hours while sick makes me feel like I have not slept in days. My body wants rest and I am forcing it to stay awake and the time I roll, or more of drag myself, into my apartment at 4am, I am so tired that sleep does not exist because I had previously forced myself to stay awake to work and now it’s having a hard time coming out of wake up mode.

I feel as though much sense was not made here, but overall I feel awful being sick at work. I feel as though it makes my job seem 1000000x harder than the actuality of it ( my job is a piece of cake) and it’s stressful. I am waiting to see if I got the day time position I switched to and I am HOPING i am not  only better physically, but I am hoping the day shift treats me a little better than third shift now is.


~ ranting over for this sickling who just so happens to be the biggest baby when sick.~


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