fundamentalsoflife : Help…?

ok so this is one of the hardest things I could ever ask for and that is help. I do not like feeling as though I am being selfish for asking for help nor do I want to come off like I am looking for handouts. I work extremely hard for my age ( soon to be 23) and I honestly am very capable somehow managing myself quite well. HOWEVER! I am finally caving and asking anyone who is willing to help for some help. If you have read previous of my blog posts you would know that I am trying to move. If you are new, well, I am trying to move.

My destination of choice is to Florida! I graciously have a friend who is giving me their spare bedroom until I can get on my feet so I luckily will have a roof over my head and food in my tummy while I job search. HOWEVER, I do plan on going with as much money as physically possible saved. Since I have decided not to take my car, I will be needing to save for a plane ticket as well as the necessities I will need once I am there. That is the least of my concerns nor what I need help with.

I am currently living in a complex that requires 30 days notice and two months worth of rent paid to break my lease before my year is up. In order to do this I have to come up with an addition 900+ dollars to do so and working my full time job I am definitely not making enough to save that up in a short time frame since I currently JUST am able to pay all my bills and keep some food in the house . SOOO. I have officially caved and am VERY desperate for help. I am looking endlessly for part time work so I can work extra hard before I leave, but I have also started a gofundme page.

Honestly, if you are reading this, any little bit helps. I hate asking others for money and I really do feel quite guilty for doing so but I am definitely in a desperate situation because I am in a state of unhealthiness living here. My depression and anxiety has intensified and I feel as though I am trapped in a box and cannot get out. I am struggling endlessly living in the most expensive state ever for such a tiny little state ( Rhode Island is one of wonders let me tell you ) and I just I am finally breaking down and asking for help.

If ANYONE and I mean anyone is reading this and could even spare me change I would be so forever grateful. I work so hard for a 22 year old and I am so desperate to start a new chapter of my life and not continuously go through the same things over and over in this tiny state where everyone knows everyone and there is barely any work and I just. Please? I hate asking but I really do not know what else to do at this point and I have wanted to move for sooo long.


I am not expecting anyone to help me or forcing anyone to help me. I am completely understanding if I get no help at all with this, but I figure it is only worth a try and the worst that can happen is that I do not make enough to go and have to find other means whether it be working as much as I can without completely burning myself out more than I already am or finding things that I can part ways with and sell to make as much money as I can..

If you would like to help here is the link :


Any bit of help is soooo very much appreciated once again and to all that do lend a helping hand even if it is just spare change I thank you so very very much and you have helped me immensely get one step closer to a happier and healthier life and new beginning!



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